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Written By Wellness Heights on April 26, 2021

Nerve entrapment occurs when some tissue like muscle presses upon the nerve fiber and can produce pain, numbness or loss of motor control. 

The most common cause of nerve entrapment involves repetitive motions that can produce swelling around a nerve. Carpal or cubital tunnel syndrome are common because the nerve passes through a small opening that can narrow with inflammation occurs.

In addition to repetitive stress, nerve entrapment may also occur if tissue is dislodged. Trauma like sprains, fractures or tissue scarring may apply pressure to a nerve that can produce pain, weakness or loss of sensation.

How can Wellness Heights help treat a nerve entrapment?  

1.  Myofasical release/graston/rapid release therapy break up fascial adhesions

2,  The chiropractic adjustment realigns the joint to remove pressure from the nerve.

3.   Exercises/stretches are prescribed to strenghten muscles to help maintain alignment.

4.  Taping can be used to reduce swelling, pain, and activate muscle groups.  

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