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Prolonged Sitting and Pain

Written By Wellness Heights on June 23, 2021

My kids recently played baseball out in Gulf Shores.  We drove out there and as the hours passed I slowly felt pain increasing throughout my low back and neck and shoulder.  I couldn't wait to stop and stand up!  It made me think of those that work long hours sitting at a computer or driving those big rigs on the interstate, and the effects it has on the body.

What happens to your body when you sit for more than 4 hours at a time without moving?  Sitting decreases blood flow, muscle groups can be altered, and the spine is compressed (30% more from sitting compared to standing) .  Pain, numbness, stiffness, tingling, and fatigue are all symptoms that can develop over time.  

Prolonged sitting times were associated with exhaustion during the working day, decreased job satisfaction, hypertension, and musculoskeletal disorder symptoms in the shoulders, lower back, thighs, and knees of office workers according to the Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.

What can we do to combat these issues?  

1,  It is important to take breaks and walk around and stretch.

2.  If you are a driver try to park farther way when you stop so you can get in some steps.

3.  Stay hydrated.

4.  Exercise to combat further muscle dysfunction.

5.  Chiropractic care can help prevent further degeneration of the spine by increasing nutrition into intervertebral discs, maintaining mobility, and relieving pressure on nerves. 

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